Dear husband 

Dear husband, 

How did it feel to not have a cake, gift or even a birthday text for your birthday. First time in 4 years.

It took everything to keep from going all out like I always do but you have shown me time and time again that you truly don’t give a fuck about me.

So today I finally got everything off my chest and now you have gone radio silent. You are getting what you thought you wanted.

You want ass and dinner on the table and you also want to come in and out as you please. Well when you don’t feel the need to tell the person you share a bed with your whereabouts that means you’re single.

Since you are now single you will not touch me again. Eat my food again nor will you be traveling with me again because hey you want to act single then there you have it.

Single men don’t get to go home to a woman who takes care of them, feed them, wash their clothes nothing. So I hope you enjoy coming home to nothing because I will continue to not say a fucking word to you.

This game is over. Have it your way. 


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