Dear husband

Dear husband,

We haven’t spoken much in about a week. You make it a point to come home when you know I’m sleeping. 

I know this is your birthday weekend and I’m pretty sure you’re not going to be home on Thanksgiving Day and that’s alright because I’m not going to be home.

Happy birthday husband. I’ll be in Cancun with one of my best friends. He’s not embarrassed to be seen with me and actually has an interest in talking to me.

This is not an affair, my best friend likes boys. I suppose you will find out tonight that I’m going out of town. Perhaps when you see my luggage in the guest room. 

I bet no one will bake you a cake or get you a nice gift like I would have. But these are the things you will miss when I’m gone.

See you in a few days… take good care of the dog.